$199.00 / month with a 14-day free trial

This package provides everything you need to get started on your podcasting journey. You’ll receive two episode recordings per month, with each session lasting a maximum of two hours. To help you get started, we’ll provide you with one hour of training on how to start a podcast, as well as one hour of personalized consulting per month. If you need to record additional episodes, we offer a 50% discount.

You’ll have access to all of our podcast equipment and studio recording rooms, as well as audio, video, and live stream services and equipment. Our team will provide you with continuous equipment training to ensure that you’re confident and knowledgeable about all of the tools you’ll be using.

We’ll also provide you with initial launch assistance, including information on how to choose a hosting provider and how to record and release your first episode. And for added peace of mind, we offer text and phone technical support during your recording sessions. With everything you need at your fingertips, you can focus on creating and delivering amazing content to your listeners.

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