The Voices Behind the Mic: The Pleasure’s All Yours Podcast

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We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the voices behind the mic. Introducing our very own podcasters, Lex and Courtney from The Pleasure’s All Yours Podcast!

In this special feature, we had the opportunity to interview them and explore what their podcast journey has been like so far.

Follow along for more insights, inspiration, and a glimpse into what The Pleasure’s All Yours has in store. Let’s dive in!

The Start of The Pleasure’s All Yours Podcast:

The Pleasure’s All Yours is hosted by Lex and Courtney, two friends with a shared passion for the sexual liberation of the black and queer community. They introduce their podcast as a platform to educate and laugh about various topics related to sexuality, mental health, and overall pleasure.

The duo began their podcasting journey in 2022, initially recording from their apartments via Riverside before transitioning to a professional studio setup for better audio and video quality.

The inspiration for creating The Pleasure’s All Yours came from their experiences working at an adult novelty store, where they realized many adults lacked knowledge about pleasurable topics. “We saw the need for it and thought, who better than us to talk about it in a relatable way,” Courtney explained.

The Pleasure’s All Yours Journey:

Reflecting on their podcasting journey, Lex emphasized the importance of consistency. “It’s really just been a game of consistency. Any progress is good progress,” she shared. They acknowledged the challenges of balancing their full-time jobs with podcasting, but they found ways to make it work, such as recording multiple episodes in one day and planning content in advance.

Courtney highlighted the importance of adaptability in their podcasting style. “We’ve changed our style many times as we’ve been podcasting, just figuring out what works best and feels most natural,” she noted. Their journey has been one of trial and error, but their dedication has kept them moving forward.

The Future of The Pleasure’s All Yours:

With their podcast steadily growing, Lex and Courtney are excited about the future. They’ve expanded their presence on social media platforms and are considering diversifying their content further to keep it fresh and engaging. They envision their podcast continuing to evolve and reach a wider audience, helping to normalize discussions about sexuality and mental health within their communities.

As our interview concluded, it was clear that The Pleasure’s All Yours Podcast is more than just a hobby for Lex and Courtney—it’s a mission to educate, entertain, and inspire. Their passion for their craft and commitment to their audience shines through in every episode. As they continue to explore new topics and ideas, one thing remains certain: they’re just getting started.

Where to Listen & Stream The Pleasure’s All Yours Podcast:

The Pleasure’s All Yours Podcast is available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

Episodes are released regularly every Wednesday, so be sure to check them out and join Lex and Courtney on their journey!

Tune in to The Pleasure’s All Yours Podcast today!

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