The Voices Behind the Mic: Right on Target Podcast

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We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creative mind behind the mic. Introducing our very own podcasters, Justin, Aubrey, & Mike from the Right on Target Podcast!

In this special feature, we had the opportunity to interview them and explore what their podcast journey has been like so far.

Follow along for more insights, inspiration, and a glimpse into what Right on Target has in store. Let’s hit the bullseye!

The Start of Right on Target as a Podcast:

Right on Target is made up of Justin, Mike, and Aubrey. Three friends that met during their time working together at Target over a decade ago. Justin introduces the Right on Target Podcast as a sports, music, and culture podcast that reflects their causal conversations between him, Aubrey, and Mike. Although the trio has been podcasting for about two to three years, they took a break before finding their home at Hello Studios, reigniting their passion for podcasting.

The creation of Right on Target came from a group chat, where the three of them, along with some other friends, discusses sports and other stuff. “We had a group chat where we talked about sports and stuff anyway, so we were like, well, maybe we should just bring this to life,” Justin explained.

The Right on Target Journey:

As Mike reminisced about their podcasting journey, he emphasized the importance of consistency. “Consistency, consistency, consistency,” he emphasized, citing their own experiences where lack of consistency hindered their progress initially. Patience, they added, is equally crucial in the long journey of podcasting success.

When asked about managing their podcast alongside their personal lives, they admitted to still learning to make more time for podcasting. However, they found solace in their shared notes and virtual brainstorming sessions, enabling them to juggle their busy schedules.

The Future of Right on Target:

With their Target days behind them, they’ve since branched out into different careers but remain united in their podcasting endeavor. They excitedly shared their website, social media platforms, and even their affiliation with a sports betting app, showcasing their multifaceted engagement with their audience.

Reflecting on their journey, Justin expressed hopes of making Right on Target a full-time career within the next five years, envisioning nationwide travels and collaborations. Their dedication and passion for their craft are evident, making their future prospects promising.

As our interview concluded, it was evident that Right on Target Podcast is more than just a hobby for Justin, Mike, and Aubrey—it’s a testament to their enduring friendship, shared interests, and unwavering commitment to entertaining and informing their audience. As they continue to aim for success, one thing remains clear: they’re right on target.

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