The Dos & Don’ts of Standout Guest Appearances Part 1

Hello Podcasters!

Let’s talk about Podcast Mastery: Dos and Don’ts for Standout Guest Appearances! Guest appearances on podcasts come with their own set of etiquettes to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the guest and the audience.

Let’s start with the Dos for Standout Guest Appearances:


1. Research the Podcast:

Familiarize yourself with the podcast’s format, style, and target audience. Listen to a few episodes to understand the host’s interviewing style and the overall tone of the show.

2. Be Prepared:

Understand the topic or theme of the episode you’re participating in. Prepare talking points or anecdotes that align with the podcast’s focus.

3. Test Your Equipment:

Ensure your audio setup is clear and free of technical issues. Use a good quality microphone and headphones to enhance the overall audio quality.

4. Respect the Host’s Time:

Be punctual for the recording session. Respect the agreed-upon time duration for the interview.

5. Engage in Conversation:

Be conversational and engage with the host. Listen actively and respond thoughtfully to questions.

6. Promote the Episode:

Share the podcast episode on your social media channels. Thank the host and promote the episode to your audience.

7. Express Gratitude:

Thank the host for the opportunity both during and after the recording. Send a follow-up thank-you email expressing your appreciation.

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