How Patreon Works

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Today we will begin the discussion on Patreon: How it Works. Patreon is a popular monetization platform that allows creators to generate income from their work by offering exclusive content and benefits to their supporters, known as “patrons.” Follow along to better understand how Patreon works.

Part 1: How Patreon Works

1. Creator Signup

Creators, which can include artists, writers, musicians, podcasters, video producers, and more, create a Patreon account and set up their profile.

2. Tiered Membership

Creators offer different membership tiers or levels to their audience. Each tier typically offers different benefits or rewards to patrons, such as exclusive content, early access, merchandise, or direct communication with the creator.

3. Patron Support

Supporters (patrons) subscribe to their chosen tier by pledging a certain amount of money per month or per creation (some creators offer both options). Patrons can choose to support creators at various levels, depending on the benefits they desire.

4. Exclusive Content

Creators provide content or perks to their patrons that are not available to the general public. This might include behind-the-scenes footage, digital downloads, live Q&A sessions, or personalized messages.

5. Regular Payments

Payments are processed on a regular basis, typically at the beginning of each month. Creators receive the income generated by their patrons, minus any fees incurred by the platform.


Patreon has emerged as a powerful platform that bridges the gap between creators and their dedicated audience. By offering various membership tiers with exclusive content and rewards, Patreon provides creators with a direct source of income, reducing their reliance on traditional advertising and sponsorships.

Make sure to follow along for part 2 to understand the key features of Patreon.

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