Promoting Your Podcast – 5 MORE Easy Ways

Consider this a part two for how to promote your podcast! You’ve already put in all the hard work and created your podcast. You’re just missing one thing…more listeners!! Here are 5 more easy ways to promote your podcast and grow your audience.

1. Email Newsletters

Start an email newsletter exclusively for your podcast. You can use this newsletter to remind your listeners about upcoming releases, new content, and any other updates you might have for your podcast! Being consistent is key. Schedule weekly newsletters and make sure to keep your audience in the loop.

2. Social Media

Why stop at newsletters? Use social media to promote your content. Create an account on Facebook and Instagram to promote content and build anticipation for new releases. You can share teasers, video audiograms, behind the scenes, and exclusive content!

3. Find Online Communities

You know your target audience…so use it to your advantage! Find online forums where your listeners might be hanging out and promote your content online. A quick but easy way to find boost your listens!

4. Create a Website

Building a website for your listeners to learn more about your podcast is a great way to draw them into your content. Your website will be the main page where new listeners can engage and discover your niche.

5. Find your Why

Above all, create content that you are truly passionate about. Ask yourself, why does this topic matter? What can my listeners pull from this episode. Creating authentic, genuine content will attract listeners organically and help you create a connection with you audience.

Now you know all the secrets to successfully marketing your podcast. Now go out there are sell it! Good luck podcasters!

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