Importance of Spotify Polls

How can you get your listeners to engage more with you content? The answer is Spotify Polls. Spotify recently released the a Q&A and polls feature on their platform to help you interact with your audience more!

“Q&A and Polls help creators field comments, anecdotes, and questions with the tap of a button. It’s never been easier to build authentic connections with fans—to invite them in and keep them involved. “

– Spotify

So let’s talk about what Q&A and polls can do for you.

Seamless Conversation with your Listeners

The Q&A feature allows your audience to ask questions and lets you integrate them into your episodes! Create a free flowing conversation with your listeners and pin your favorites to encourage more comments. Using this feature, you can build and maintain a conversation with your fans and invite them to participate in your next episode!

“Q&A is an effortless way for creators and fans to build a lasting connection—and even help creators generate new content based on what their listeners are asking for. “

– Spotify

Receive Valuable Insights with Polls

Polls are another great tool to understand your audience and incorporate their suggestions into your content! Using polls, you can dissect your audience based on their individual tastes and opinions. In additions, your listeners will be able to access these polls in real-time and see the final results.

“If there’s one thing these new features do, they build a sense of camaraderie around each episode and remind us why we create in the first place.”

– Spotify

Interested in learning how to use Q&A and polls in your next episode? Check out Spotify’s full article here.

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