Halloween Podcast Ideas

Spooky Season is just around the corner, and we’ve got some especially scary ideas for your next podcast episode! Check them out below!

1. Halloween Costumes

It’s just not Halloween without your favorite Halloween costumes! One way to get your audience excited about Halloween is to discuss some of your favorite costumes and suggest costume DIYs. This can range from the cutest kids attire to seriously decked out creations. Remember, the more original and creative you get, the more likely your listeners will want to try out some of your ideas themselves!

2. Halloween Movie Reviews

If your listeners are like me and would much rather curl up on the couch on Halloween with a big bowl of candy, then rating Halloween movies is the way to go. From Annabelle to Coraline, there are so many fan favorites out there that you could discuss. If you want to give your listeners your take on popular or recent Halloween movies, now might be the best time to get that episode out there!

3. Halloween To-Dos

Haunted Houses, Fall Fests, and more! There’s so much to do in the city around this time of year. So why not give your listeners a quick Halloween Guide of To-Dos this October? Talk about your favorite spots to hang out and all the activities in your area. In addition, I bet your listeners would love some tips and tricks for the best prices and unique things to do!

4. Halloween Stories

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good Halloween story! This idea might not be so far off from what you’re probably already used to doing for your podcast episodes. Tell your listeners a story! Invite special guests to talk about some spooky experiences or get creative concoct a story of your own. Bonus points if you pick a story that already ties into the theme of your podcast. 🙂

5. Halloween Treats

Trick or Treat! One of the reasons why Halloween is so great is so you can snack on your favorites sweet treats. Want to share a recipe of your own for your listeners? Or maybe you have delicious recommendations you know your audience just HAS to try this Halloween season. Share them on your podcast!

Now go and try these ideas out! Happy Halloween podcasters! 🙂

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