5 Tips For Promoting Your Podcast

So you’ve put countless hours into making your podcast perfect. Choosing a theme, preparing the content and editing the clips. Well the good news is you’re halfway there! The other half is promoting your podcast and getting people to listen to the amazing content you’re putting out there. Need a hand? Check out some tips below!

  1. Release 3 Episodes on Launch Day – Launch day is finally here! And you thought you could get away with releasing just one episode? The best way to capture attention and engage your listeners is to allow your listeners to develop a liking for your style. Every podcaster has their own way of recording content and discussing different ideas and themes, and the best way to rope in a group of people is to allow them to explore your content!
  2. Promote Your Episodes on Social Media – The best place to reel in an audience is by posting reels! Posting small clips of your episodes 24 hours prior to a release and promoting your content on socials, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is a great way to bring in new listeners. Make a separate social media channel dedicated to your podcast and join communities online to boost your engagement. You can post things like quotes said during your episode, tease guest appearances, discuss behind-the-scenes content, and post audio clips.
  3. Create a Landing Page – One of the easiest way to spread information about your content is to create a space for people to learn more about the creator(s) and the podcast. Having a landing page and adding a link to this site in your socials will help generate more interest in your content! Make sure to add in some testimonials and links to recent episodes to further promote your podcast 🙂
  4. Publish at Optimal Times – They say timing is everything. And I could not agree more. Publishing your episodes at the optimal time based on things like online traffic is extremely significant in determining the success of your listens. Spend some time understanding the analytics of your podcast and experiment with different publishing times to decide what works best for you.
  5. Collect Reviews – The best way to boost your standing on podcast platforms is to collect reviews! Start by reaching out to podcasters that share similar audiences and themes. By cross-promoting your podcast and offering to review someone else’s in exchange for the same, you can secure the credibility of your content and help fellow podcaster’s do the same!

Still stuck on how to promote your podcast? Hello Studios can help! We offer a variety of different services to help you get produce your podcast seamlessly, from offering training courses to consultations and more! Check us out here! Good luck podcasters! 🙂

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