What Ecamm Live Can Do For Your Podcast

Testing…123…Is this thing on? We know how daunting it can be to create a podcast without the right tools to help you get started. With a variety of different tools out there, it can be especially difficult to choose one that meets all your needs. Ecamm Live is your new favorite podcast production assistant, providing a leading live streaming and video creation studio built for your Mac! 

What makes Ecamm Live Different Compared to Other Tools?

Ecamm Live offers unique features that make it easier for you to spend more time on your content and less time worrying about production. Check out some of the features below:

  1. Advanced Overlays – Want to add a bit more to your video? Choose from a variety of countdowns, scrolling tickers, PDFs, and camera overlays.
  2. Animations – With the help of Apple ProRes and WebM, you can add in custom animations to enhance your video.
  3. Live Scheduling – Manually publishing your content can be stressful. So sit back, relax and let Ecamm Live take care of it for you! Live scheduling in-app allows you to schedule broadcasts to Facebook and Youtube ahead of time so you’re not forgetting about it until the last minute.
  4. Remote Guests – Planning to have a guest join you for your podcast? Use Ecamm’s interview mode to invite and chat with up to 4 guests!
  5. In-App Comments – Using this feature, you can add styled viewers comments into your broadcast!
  6. Web Widgets – Ecamm lets you add animated widgets from StreamLabs, Stream Elements, and more.
  7. Stream Deck Support – You can use Ecamm Live to direct the action using Elgato’s Stream Deck control surface.
  8. Green Screen – Who doesn’t love a good green screen? You can find the perfect background replacement, even with video backdrops!

In addition, Ecamm Live automatically records all streams to a file on your Mac, play music and sound effects in your broadcast, roll pre-recorded videos into your broadcast, use external video sources, and more! You can learn more about Ecamm Live here.

Hello Studios Offers Ecamm Live!

Ecamm Live has been installed on the Studio A Laptop and Studio B editing station and is ready for your use! Our team members will provide a quick training session and or provide you with any assistance you need to help set up your show. You can learn more about Hello Studios and the services we offer here.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over to our studio to try out Ecamm Live for your show!

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